Tasmanian Community Achievement Awards

"Winning the Prime Super Community Group of the Year Award in 2015 has helped Rural Alive & Well’s (RAW) vision to half rural suicide in Tasmania by 2020. We are a not-for-profit organisation helping individuals, families and communities through mental health issues with a focus on suicide prevention. Since winning the award we have introduced a new initiative: The Healthy and Resilient Communities Project, which sees us working alongside twenty communities in rural Tasmania over a three year period, enlisting stronger community participation in local suicide prevention and well-being initiatives. We have also employed four new Outreach Workers, furthering our outreach to the Break O’ Day area, and reaching as far as Flinders and King Island. The recognition from this award alone has helped RAW in the local community, has raised more awareness of the work we do, plus furthered our reach to Tasmanian’s in need. It gives strength and comfort to funding bodies willing to help."

Ella Richmond, Marketing & Event Coordinator
Rural Alive & Well
2015 Prime Super Community Group of the Year Award Winner


“Winning the Capital Innovation Insurance Group Innovation in Safety Award let us highlight the achievements of our staff and share the story of our new Fortress Pens, which have been designed and assembled in Tasmania and have generated significant improvements for the safety of our employees. The Community Achievement Awards are a great opportunity to learn about and celebrate projects and individuals in Tasmania which are working to improve our local communities.”

Ian Trotter, Work Health and Safety Manager
Huon Aquaculture of Hobart
2015 Capital Innovation Insurance Group Innovation in Safety Award Winner


“As the 2015 winner of the Community Achievement Awards – Betta Milk Health Achievement category we have experienced a number of important aspects. Firstly the award has raised our profile in the community and this has been enhanced through the TV advertisements celebrating the awards. Secondly, we received congratulatory letters from the Minister of Education and other Politian’s which was very confirming of our work that we do in the Tasmanian community. Thirdly, the Award has acknowledged the wonderful work of Canteen Managers in our Tassie schools – providing nutritious, affordable and yummy food.
A big thankyou to the Community Achievements Award Team for the great work that you do in running these Awards and I recommend organisations big and small to nominate for the 2016 Awards. And last but not least thanks to the team at Betta Milk for supporting community activity in the way that you do.”

Julie Dunbabin, Executive Officer
Tasmanian School Canteen Association
2015 Betta Milk ‘Make it Betta’ Health Achievement Award Winner