NSW/ACT Regional Achievement & Community Awards

"Belmont Wetlands State Park Trust were pleased to win the NSW Department of Industry-Lands Crown Reserve Trust Community Manager's Award and accepted it as an acknowledgement of the contribution of our volunteer community towards transforming 549 hectares of wetland, dune and forest on the coast of Lake Macquarie. To date, 50 hectares has been planted with 50,000 locally sourced native plants to restore vegetation corridors. Volunteers have put in 1000's of hours in dune rehabilitation and improving natural biodiversity for wildlife. The Trust also manages 4.5 kilometres of beachfront and the Beach Permit system, walking trails showcasing park highlights, a fire trail system and assists in weed management in and near the corridor for 3.5 kilometres of Fernleigh Track cycleway and walkway. Trustees Greg Wright and Helen Rogers accepted the award on the Trust's behalf and on behalf of all our volunteers who will be encouraged by this recognition to continue their efforts to enhance and protect this special part of the coast."

Greg Wright, Belmont Wetlands State Park Trust

2016 NSW Department of Industry-Lands Crown Reserve Trust Community Manager's Award


“Participating in the NSW/ACT Regional Achievement and Community Awards was a really positive experience for the Ben Lomond War Memorial Hall. Putting together the application made us realise how much our Committee and Volunteers have really achieved and allowed us to reflect on both our successes and challenges. Making it into the finals was a real highlight, we are such a small rural community, it was exciting to think we could compete on a state-wide basis. To actually win the Award in our category was an unbelievable high, especially being a War Memorial Hall and winning it during the 100th anniversary of the ANZAC’s. It provided a real boost in moral for our entire Committee, volunteers and local community and I would encourage participants to nominate and enjoy a similar experience.”

Ben Lomond War Memorial Hall Reserve Trust
2015 Department of Primary Industries Crown Reserve Trust - Community Manager's Award Winner

“Thank you for encouraging us to nominate for the 2015 NSW/ACT Regional Achievement and Community Awards. As semi-finalists in 2014 we learnt a lot about this great event and how highly regarded the awards are throughout NSW and the ACT. We were thrilled to hear that we had been chosen as finalists in 2015 and then to go on and win in our category on the night was very exciting for our community group. Joan Simeon, representative of our Local Health Medical Trust, and Practice Manager of our community-owned Medical centre, thoroughly enjoyed the Gala Night and spoke highly of the opportunity to attend the event and learn of the excellent achievements of so many volunteers in our local communities. We greatly appreciated the opportunity to promote our area, and the achievements of the volunteers of the Local Health Medical Trust. Although Trust members have never expected thanks for the work they do, to be acknowledged in this way is greatly appreciated.”

Kerry Stirling
Secretary, Local Health Medical Trust
2015 Prime Super Community of the Year - Population Under 15,000 Award Winner

“In 2015 the team at Charles O’Neill Hostel was awarded the Prime Super Employer Excellence in Aged Care award at the NSW/ACT Regional Achievement and Community Awards. Winning a prestigious award such as this has confirmed to us all that we do a great job. The lift in morale has been amazing. Sometimes it’s just nice to be recognised, and our residents couldn’t be more proud. This award has been encouragement to the whole team to find ways to provide even better care to our residents and the prize money we received has allowed us to enhance our music therapy program which has been of great benefit to our residents. We found this experience to be incredibly rewarding and would encourage other organisations to nominate.”

Charles O'Neill Hostel - Catholic Healthcare
2015 Prime Super Employer Excellence in Aged Care Award Winner

“Winning the Prime Regional Community Awards Category Over 15 Thousand was a hugely exciting award for Cancer Care Western NSW. Our organization has provided the largest dedicated accommodation for Cancer Patients at a cost of $ 5.4 million dollars- in Regional NSW, servicing a medical service catchment area of 280,000 people. We have just raised around $ 270,000 to support clinical cancer trials at Central west Cancer Centre. This project will also provide life enhancing support for cancer patients in the region. We also lobbied hard alongside other service providers to achieve radiotherapy services in Orange.

Our board consists of a small number of dedicated people who volunteer their time to achieve these results. Cancer Care Western NSW has spent 9 years working towards creating better outcomes for regional people. The award was an amazing achievement and the results have not only recognized our hard work over many years, but have provided and enduring recognition of the opportunity provided to us with the win. Continued reinforcement of our organization branding has been ongoing with our enduring link television product support over many weeks. The combined efforts of the sponsors created a forum in which we could be showcased and re-enact our work and showcase the real benefits of community and collaborative engagement.
The winning prize money has supported us in capturing and committing to a vignette of photos that will create an enduring legacy of our history, and those who have supported our work. This would not have been possible without that financial support to spend and invest in this great marketing tool, but also to provide a historical reference to the work and timelines achieved. This in itself will support other organizations to have a go at making a difference.

The night was a collective of inspirational people, a real testament to the people who have committed to making our country a better place. I have an organization in mind and other waiting to invest time in applying for this vital award opportunity. I would strongly recommend the benefits of engaging and investing time in applying for the award, the results are so worthwhile, Cancer Care Western NSW also now have a trophy on display at Western care lodge and a perpetual reminder to the guests, that country and region has worked well, it will empower others to do more for their region. Thank you so very much for a night of great networking opportunities.”

Cancer Care Western NSW
2015 Prime Super Community of the Year - Population Over 15,000 Award Winner