Queensland Regional Achievement & Community Awards

"When we applied for the awards, it gave us the chance to reflect on what we do, what we have done, our connection to community and how they are also a part of what we do. We took out time with the application, because it really made us think. Making it to the semi-finals (and then winning!) was a fantastic feeling

- that others are valuing your efforts.

Winning the award brought not only a sense of pride to us, but also to our community. Although people in the street congratulated us (there was lots in the media), you could see they were really proud that our small community had also been recognised. That meant a lot to us. The generous sponsorship enabled us to implement some measures that will help us to address a variable climate – a huge step forward for our future."

Broken Nose Vanilla
2015 CRT Agricultural Community Achiever Award Winner


"Winning and award in the Queensland Regional Achievement and Community Awards has been an awesome experience and given my business priceless exposure. The whole process helped me grow as a professional and also encouraged me to go out and do more. Since winning the award my business has continued to grow. I now work with twelve primary schools providing 600 children with access to free tennis. Most of these schools are relatively small but they are big on enthusiasm and without the service I offer most of these kids would never pick up a tennis racquet. I’m very excited to have been named in the Queensland Young Achievers Award and I’m sure my success in the QRACA helped my nomination as the calibre of finalists is incredible. Thank you to the organisers of the QRACA for providing a platform to recognise individuals that excel in their field. Winning one of your awards has been a highlight of my short career so far."

Travis Farinelli
2015 Gladstone Printing Services Trade and Career Achievement Award Winner


"Committee members of Mackay Recreational Fishers Alliance Inc, were excited when we were advised our nomination for the Environmental Award proudly sponsored by Peabody in last year’s prestigious Queensland Regional Achievement and Community Awards had progressed to the finalist list.We were ecstatic attending the awards dinner to find that Mackay Recreational Fishers Alliance was named the 2015 Winner.

The $2500 prize award has been put to good use having been invested in a sturdy 3m X 3m waterproof marquee, our committee members and angler education team are now decked out in sun smart long sleeve shirts proudly displaying our logo and our sponsor Peabody Energy. The marquee and shirts were mentioned at many committee meetings over the years as an urgent need but deemed a luxury.We appeal to all not for profit volunteer groups to nominate and receive due recognition for your community efforts."

Mackay Recreational Fishers Alliance
2015 Peabody Energy Environment and Landcare Award Winner


"I won the Regional Service Award for my fight for fair and affordable premiums. This was significant but winning the People’s Choice Award was special – it meant I wasn’t alone. Both awards have given me additional recognition and brought the cause to the attention of more people.

In the period from 2011 insurance premiums in North Queensland increased by 200-500%+. These excessive increases have caused mental, physical health and financial difficulties. They have led to Mortgagee in possession sales, a major reduction in property values, and bankruptcy.

We now have: Inquiries; projects paid for by Governments and insurance companies; a Northern Australia Insurance Premium Taskforce; new products on the market; properties assessed and resilience taken notice of; even app development to help with mitigation. Premiums are reducing. Believe in your cause, you’ll know when you’re winning when you stop getting standard letters!!”

Margaret Shaw
2015 Australia Pacific LNG Regional Service Award Winner