Tasmanian Young Achiever Awards

Please take a moment to read words from our previous winners 

2013 Temco Science and Technology Award winner and Premier's Young Achiever of the Year Dr Clare Smith

"The Tasmanian Young Achiever Awards is a fantastic program that encourages and promotes young people from all walks of life. It was a huge honour to be recognised by the 2013 award and has provided many opportunities to promote medical research to the next generation of young scientists. The awards ceremony was a fabulous opportunity to meet an inspiring group of people who are passionate about what they do and the opportunities that living in tassie can provide."

2013 First National Real Estate Leadership and Innovation Award winner Meg Good

"The Southern Cross Young Achiever Awards are a wonderful opportunity to meet, celebrate and support the work of Tasmanian youth. I strongly encourage Tasmanians to nominate young people in their community for these awards!"

 2013 Hydro Tasmania Environment Award winner Emma Flukes

"My involvement in the Young Achiever Awards program begain when a very talented friend of mine, a previous award winner, nominated me for one of the categories. I had heard about the program before, but I had never even considered the possibility of being personally involved - the recipients of these awards were always outstanding, inspirational young Tasmanians, and I certainly did not feel like I fitted into that category! Nobody was more surprised than me when the finalists were announced and I was amongst those shortlisted. I was really not sure what to expect of the Gala Presentation, but it was a truly amazing, inspirational night. Hearing the stories of these extraordinarily talented and proactive young Tasmanians was so exciting and refreshing, and I felt incredibly privileged to bear witness to their achievements. I felt so humbled to be announced as winner of my category, and to be acknowledged for just doing what it is that I love and am passionate about. The Young Achiever Program has been a fantastic opportunity to meet like-minded young Tasmanians and it has opened up so many doors to opportunities that I would never have other considered. As a direct result of being an award recipient, I have been fortunate enough to speak with Tasmanian schoolchildren, graduate programs and various community groups and share with them my interests and passions. The program has offered me networking opportunities, fostered my confidence, and overall has been an incredibly rewarding experience. I feel very privileged and humbled to be amongst the small group of inspirational young Tasmanians recognised by these awards."

2013 Mat Goggin Foundation Entrepreneurship Award winner Emily Picket

"When people first set out to do any form of community service, they have no ambitions for recognition but in saying that, it is very rewarding to have your work recognised and know that it is appreciated.  I consider it a privilege to have won this award and I will continue supporting my local community and abroad in the future."

2013 O Group Trade and Enterprise Achievement Award winner Maja Veit

"I came into this not realising, and not knowing what was ahead of me. If I could take something away from this night, it is to never underestimate yourself; stand up and always be ready for success and acknowledgment if it might come your way. I would encourage anyone who is hesitating out there, to just do it and enter anyway. Sometimes you don't realise how hard you're working - and you never know what lies around the corner. I know I will never forget this experience, and I felt so very humbled to have been able to share my story with everyone in the room that night."